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I started my own freelance career this year and take in some cosplay commission. The good thing is I will spend a lot more time at home and be flexible for my timetable however I have to be even more careful to balance up work and hobby. I only finish a new costume for myself at the first half of the year (which is Mai from Avatar: The Last Airbender) and another one during August, which is Two from Drakengard 3. Did lots of photoshoot of my Jinx from January till May and pull out previous simple costumes to attend events.

The major project with Nezumi group this year will be Grave Robbers' Chronicle series, which we went Cambodia and several places for photoshoot, did a short preview video for our photobook (which has been sold out during Animangaki, many thanks to those who supported):

The most happy thing is I finally did photoshoot of our Dream of Doll Kalix and Delphine with the legendary PK, the outcome is super impressive that I have to submit it on DA again XD

My following plan will be attending CF mini in Penang and after that I will have to prepare for the performance for the Chinese Style Cosplay Exhibition Event in Tottori, Japan during November. Then it would be Comic Fiesta already OAO (time flies~)

Finally created a world cosplay account, love the new interface so I'll try to keep it active, feel free to say hi ^^…

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I wish you the happiest of birthdays! May you continue to colour our monochrome lives!

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I just want to say that i love your work :love: you inspire me <3 kisses from Brazil o/
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